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Camptastic Returns

We can't wait for our 6th year of Camptastic!  Camptastic is four days/three nights of traditional, resident style camping at Camp Tahigwa.  Our event is entirely volunteer run, staffed by Camp Tahigwa alumni, Girl Scout Leaders, and other well trained adults who want to make sure that girls have the opportunity to grow in courage, confidence, and character at camp!  Pick your session, and make sure to sign up before our early bird deadline.  Sessions fill up fast, so register now to get your first choice.  

*Financial Assistance is available, and program credit can be used for registration.  

To apply for financial assistance, please use our online financial aid application located here.  

To use program or cookie credit, please mail this form, all program credit and full payment of the remaining balance to us at the address below.  Envelopes must be postmarked by July 13 to be accepted.  

PO Box 70
Decorah, IA 52101

Entering Grades 1-3
Polly's Party (July 24-27 - $104
Everyone's favorite session is back!  Join us in Polly's Place, with our plush ceiling fans and flushy potties, as we have a MINIMUM of one party per day, starting with a toothbrush party on the first night.  Of course, you'll also participate in traditional camp activities like our Jello fight, slip n slide, and more.

Entering Grades 2-4
Healthy All Stars Adventure (July 24-27 - $104
The average child gets just 6 minutes of unstructured outdoors time per day, but we're changing that at camp.  Our Healthy All Stars will learn about being active, eating well, making healthy choices, building confidence, and standing up to bullies while participating in all of their favorite camp activities.  

Entering Grades 4-6
Tahigwa's Gone MAD - Music, Art, Drama (July 24-27 - $104
Music, Art, and Drama is back at Camp Tahigwa, and we can't wait! Experiment with dance, song, art, acting and more.  Sunday night, you'll pick a big project for the week, and we'll help you make it happen. You'll also have time for your favorite camp activities, but some will involve an artistic twist!  

Entering Grades 5-7
It's a mess! (July 24-27 - $104
Some like it messy, and if that describes you, you won't want to miss this session!  Of COURSE you'll participate in the famous Jello fight, but that's just the beginning! Mud masks, messy art, messy food, and more await, as we put a messy twist on your camp favorites.  Parents, it's time to dig out the old clothes!

Entering Grades 6-9
Tower of Power (July 24-27 - $104
Are you ready to take on Tahigwa's obstacle courses and climbing tower?  We hope so, because weather permitting, you'll be on the tower Monday - Wednesday!  Learn the basics on the flat wall, and then try a more advanced climb, the plank bridge, advanced trust games, and even leading younger girls through our lower obstacles with a counselor's help!  

Entering Grades 7-11
Create Your Adventure (July 24-27 - $104
What do YOU want to do this week?  Gourmet s'mores smorgasboard?  Sleep under the stars? Glow in the dark volleyball?  Wacky hiking extravaganza? Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? Backpacking through camp? On Sunday night, you'll pick the activities that your group wants to do, and your counselors will take it from there!

Entering Grades 9-12
CITastic (July 22-27 - $104
Are you ready to lead?  Whether you hope to volunteer at future camp events, or are looking to be a teacher, outdoor rec specialist, or any other job that involves leadership, children, or the outdoors, this program is for you.  You'll start off by reviewing basic camp skills and bonding with your crew, before exploring the different jobs that make camp awesome and then spending time in the units - including at least one night!  After successfully completing CITastic, you'll be eligible to volunteer at all of our events (must be 16 to volunteer at Camptastic) or participate in advanced leadership training if available.

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