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Keeping Tahigwa "At Peace"  

UPDATE - 6/23/16
On August 11, the Board of Directors for Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois will make a final vote on the future of Camp Tahigwa, including which parts to sell. We have no information about which pieces may be for sale, or the size of property that will be sold.  Friends of Camp Tahigwa still believes GSEIWI and members who care about Camp Tahigwa can work together to find a solution that keeps Tahigwa whole AND meets the needs of the council.  The closing of camps is unfortunately happening across the country, but we strongly believe that both the GSEIWI and Friends of Camp Tahigwa have the right people and the right skills to be the council that makes things work! We know that both groups' passion for Girl Scouts and desire to live the Girl Scout Promise and Law can lead to the preservatoin of Tahigwa if we work together.  If you would like to help keep Tahigwa whole, please contact us at  

The Camptastic Team remains committed to providing quality, affordable programming at Camp Tahigwa for as long as there is a space to provide it, along with informing girls and their families about other great opportunities at Camp Tahigwa and our three sister camps.  With that in mind, we are paying close attention to council happenings regarding the potential sale of camps.

All of our programming is volunteer run, and our staff only ask one thing in return for their efforts--if you or your camper had a great time at one of our programs, continue to spread the word about Camp Tahigwa, and consider getting more involved. 
Here are some ways to get involved:

Be present at council events, and ask questions about camps.  

Stay Informed
The best way to stay informed is to get out to meetings, but if you can't do that, our friends at Save Our Scout Camps do a good job of putting information out there about camp closings and other information.  You can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook to stay informed. We will also share urgent action items on the Friends of Camp Tahigwa Facebook page.

Write On!

We need your help to ensure Tahigwa remains a place where girls grow in confidence, courage, and character for years to come.  You can help by staying in touch with us on Facebook, and writing letters of support of Camp Tahigwa.  

Write  If you or your camper had a great time at camp, or if you have never even been to camp but believe safe natural places need to be here, tell the world!  Reach out to GSEIWI via phone , email, mail, Twitter or Facebook to let them know how camp affected your camper.  Or, consider writing a letter to the editor about her experience.  Finally, don't hesitate to write local or state leaders to let them know that a great camp is right in their backyard!  

Volunteers are always needed to plan and promote our events.  Please let us know how you can help with our programs/efforts by emailing

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